5 Reasons Why Your Listicle Won’t Cure My Depression

1. I’m Not One Enjoyable Walk on the Beach Away From Mental Health

Clinical depression is a powerful and complex condition. It’s not the same as feeling a little down. Some days I can barely move or speak, so a 5-mile run seems as unrealistic as it does unappealing. Puppies are good for a chuckle and a beautiful springtime dawn is well worth appreciating, but they don’t even register compared to the constant torrent of despair inside my head.

2. I’ve Probably Already Tried What The Listicle is Suggesting

Depression is often characterized by desperation, and that means that those of us who suffer from it have usually put a lot of time and effort into combating it long before we have mentioned it to anyone or even acknowledged it ourselves.

3. I’m Not Going to Be Able to Reason My Way Out of It

One of the most insidious and cruelly unfair features of depression is that it affects the way that we think about and perceive things in a manner that it doesn’t allow us to alter at will. This means that a discussion on how and why I can and should think or feel differently is unfortunately ineffective.

4. The Listicle Itself Makes Me Feel More Misunderstood

Perhaps the most frustrating interpersonal aspect of depression is the feeling that other people don’t seem to be able to understand how or why I’m struggling. By appearing to completely misjudge the nature of my illness and effective strategies for managing it, these listicles are only intensifying that feeling.

5. Words are Powerful, but Not More Powerful Than Modern Medicine

I’ve spent years in skilled, experienced therapy, and I’ve learned that, for me, discussion simply doesn’t have the impact that medication does. Cooperative sessions with a trained professional have given me the tools to recognize the signs of my depression and to manage it to the limited degree that I am able.

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