Abducted 13-Year Old Jayme Closs’s Brave Escape

Amazing Young Woman Saves Herself When No one Else Can

Aaron DeBee
5 min readJan 11, 2019


Less than 90 days ago, 13-year old Jayme Closs suffered an unimaginably harrowing day. She’s a victim; she’s a survivor; she’s a child; and she’s an orphan. She’s also the primary hero of her own tragic story.

“It seemed almost undeniable that Jayme was in grave danger.”

A collective and horrified gasp echoed across the waking homes of the north midwestern state of Wisconsin on October 15th, as the reports of the atrocious findings at the Closs household near the city of Barron, Wisconsin, broke across the morning news stations.

Barron is a town of around 3,500 people, and Jayme’s family didn’t even live in town. The city of Barron lies within the town of Barron, which itself lies in Barron County. The entire county is home to only around 46,000 people, and the small city of Barron is its county seat. The county lies within the relatively rural heart of northwestern Wisconsin. Jayme Closs is by all measures a “small town girl.”

Shortly before 1:00 AM on a Monday morning, Barron County police received a mysterious 911 call that was soon pinged to the Closs residence and was later determined to have come from Jayme’s mother’s phone. No one on the calling end of the line spoke, but noise of a disturbance could be heard in the background.

When the police responded just four minutes later, they found the door to Jayme’s home kicked in, and they found her father and mother each shot dead inside. Jayme was determined to have been home at the time of the shootings, but was nowhere to be found by the time police arrived. It seemed almost undeniable that Jayme was in grave danger.

Authorities responded with impressive speed and in admirable force. An Amber Alert immediately went out. The investigation was rapidly joined by numerous agencies from the State of Wisconsin, as well as by the FBI.

The community-minded people of Wisconsin turned out in droves to conduct searches…



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