Hello Ernie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article and to comment. Thank you, as well, for treating my words fairly, even though we don’t completely agree on everything. I worked for the government during the Clinton administration (as well as others), and was privy to some information during that time that has caused me to forever dislike and distrust both Bill and Hillary. So, we may not be as far apart as you think on issues related to them. As for immigration, I believe in stricter and more aggressive immigration regulations and consequences, as well as a refusal of public service (minus immediate emergency attention, then followed by deportation) for illegal immigrants. I don’t agree with the physical wall (more because I don’t think it effectively addresses the criminals about whom wall supporters claim to be interested in keeping out), and I don’t agree with the apparent immigration ideology of the POTUS and his staunchest supporters. So, I think that’s probably at the fringes of where our views begin to differ. The more important part for me, though, is that people like you and I are able to effectively hear and consider each other’s views, even if we disagree with them, without resorting to close-minded fanaticism.

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