How This Tiny Rubber Baby Took Over My World

He gets a little judgmental about “girly drinks”.
On top of everything else, he’s a pool shark.
Wait, what’s with the dot on his head?

“Bob over there is running from a warrant; Tammy is off to find a fresh start in a new city; Aaron is vacationing with a tiny rubber baby.”

Like me, TRB looks like he’s been around awhile. Although I can’t say that I haven’t contributed to that, he did look like he’d already been through a lot when I first met him. He’s apparently had an eventful existence, which is one of the many things about him that bothers me to the point of obsession. He doesn’t talk about it, though. TRB leaves the past in the past.

He’s trying to guilt me out of drinking a free beer.
He’s not quite on his game until he’s had his morning cup of Joe.
Sometimes I tuck him in at night.
He’s surprisingly unconcerned about “bus window germs”.
He’s a little bit better at “porch-sittin’” than I am.
Mission accomplished, he enjoys a more laid back life now.

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