How This Tiny Rubber Baby Took Over My World

He gets a little judgmental about “girly drinks”.
On top of everything else, he’s a pool shark.
Wait, what’s with the dot on his head?

“Bob over there is running from a warrant; Tammy is off to find a fresh start in a new city; Aaron is vacationing with a tiny rubber baby.”

He’s trying to guilt me out of drinking a free beer.
He’s not quite on his game until he’s had his morning cup of Joe.
Sometimes I tuck him in at night.
He’s surprisingly unconcerned about “bus window germs”.
He’s a little bit better at “porch-sittin’” than I am.
Mission accomplished, he enjoys a more laid back life now.

Freelance Writer/Blogger/Editor, veteran, Top Rated on Upwork, former Medium Top Writer in Humor, Feminism, Culture, Sports, NFL, etc.

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