I’ve given up complimenting women because I’ve come to understand that no matter how I say something or what I say, it is sometimes disturbing to some women. There were women who would take my gently delivered, well-intended, agenda-less compliments as I meant them, but even if one woman out of 50 was made uncomfortable, that seemed like too high a risk. After all, I didn’t get anything out of doing the complimenting other than the thought that I might make someone else feel good, but there didn’t seem to be much point if it sometimes resulted in the opposite of that.

For the record, I’d compliment guys on the same types of things as well (nice smile, pretty eyes, etc.). I stopped doing that too, though, as I figured it may have made some guys feel uncomfortable too, and it seemed weirder to do it to _just_ guys and not women.

So,… now I don’t compliment anyone, which seems like a shame. Not that any one person needs _my_ specific opinion on how they look, but more that I wish we lived in a world where people could deliver statements of honest appreciation or admiration of each others looks without it having some type of potential uncomfortable, sinister undertone.

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