Learning Conflict of Nations: Choosing a Country

Aaron DeBee
7 min readFeb 5, 2022

Conflict of Nations is a free-to-play ad-free real-time strategy game available both on mobile devices (including phone-friendly application) and via internet browser without the need for any download at all. This means that it also runs well through Chrome, making it a rare find in regards to its balance of low-demand, high-accessibility, and high-quality/high functionality.

Because of the complexity and nuance involved in becoming skilled at Conflict of Nations, there are a number of aspects to discuss when trying to learn the game. This article is just one in a series I’ve written (and will continue to write) related to getting started in this content-rich game.

Immediately after you create an account, the game will automatically push you to a nation selection screen for your first game. Currently the default first map for new accounts is Battleground U.S.A. You may select a nation here and start that game, but you do not have to.

If you want, you can exit that nation selection screen without selecting a nation and you will be taken back to the main game menu. From there, you can search through the hundreds of new games being offered live to select the specific map and specific game you’d like to try.

Further information on the various maps can be found in future articles. Feel free to follow me in order to receive notifications when articles like these are published.

If you’re only finding this article after already having joined a game and selected a nation, there may still be useful information for you in this article, but you may also want to proceed to my future article on initial builds for Conflict of Nations.

From this point forward, I’ll be referencing the elements of the game as they appear in the browser-based version. Much of the same information will apply to the mobile device version as well, but details like placement may vary.

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