The Perfect Storm of Weight (Re)Gain

An Intersection of Natural Forces Wreaked Havoc on My Progress

Aaron DeBee
3 min readJan 9, 2019

Two months have passed since the confluence of factors that lead to the greatest setback to date in my weight-loss.

For the purposes of early warning, and in the interest of establishing precautionary measures in the future, we take this opportunity to review the sequence of events that led to this disaster.


It makes sense to envision the event as having started under the conditions of normal, seasonably low temperatures. The transition from autumn to winter was just beginning in the region, making the atmosphere less hospitable but more conducive to weight gain.

The seasonal decline in temperatures also ushered in a low physical activity trough. This was exacerbated by the gradual decrease in daylight hours, which itself also fed the decline in atmospheric temperatures.


Just as the low physical activity trough related to the declining temperatures was ramping up in the region, an unexpected post-relationship depression moved in from the south.

The post-relationship depression would have been devastating enough to cause damage on its own. However, this depression also gave birth to a number of subsequent complicating factors.

The seasonal low physical activity trough was compounded by additional low physical activity resulting directly from the post-relationship depression. As physical activity levels plummeted the metabolic cycle stalled and fat accumulation totals quickly mounted.

The post-relationship depression also negatively impacted food supply. Disaster conditions following the relationship caused spikes in sodium, trans-fatty acids, and general caloric intake, while positive nutrition levels dropped across the board.


Immediately following the arrival of the post-relationship depression, a significant holiday food front also moved in from the east. This front fueled the existing low physical activity trough and merged with the drastic increase in caloric intake.

Awash in gravy and battered by salty, fatty meats and starchy potato dishes, the progress that had been previously made in weight loss sustained damage on a crisis level. When the storm finally subsided, only the wreckage of the formerly pristine weight loss progress remained.


In the aftermath of the storm, we’re left with the long and arduous task of cleaning up and rebuilding. Although, the decimation may seem to those affected to be total and permanent, it is essential that we remember that less than 30% of the original progress has been lost and that there is hope for recovery.

The progress we once enjoyed can be regained, and we have the opportunity to recreate it with beneficial renovations. Additionally, this experience, while unfortunate, can be treated as the impetus to increase future awareness and to take precautions to mitigate this sort of damage in the future.



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