Welcome to Ragnarok in the NFC Norse

The Fate of the 2018 NFC May Be Foretold in the Early Weeks

NFL Week 1 Sunday Night Game: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

This game should sound exciting to you no matter what the year and regardless of the roster details. Every team and fanbase believes they have the best rivalries, but there’s no question that the Monsters of the Midway against the Cheeseheads from Titletown boasts some of the deepest roots and fiercest pride. This year, however, both teams are bringing a heaping helping of excitement to the game as well, and it’s happening at prime time on Week 1.

NFL Week 2: Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

The most likely scenario is that both of these teams enter this game with a win each and no losses between them. They also enter the season with the 5th and 6th best odds respectively to win the Superbowl. It’s no secret that the NFC North is a hotbed this year for wins and playoff potential, but one of these two teams has to come away from this game with its first loss. Whoever it is could very easily have the rest of their season affected by it.

Divisional Breakdown and Predicted Finishing Order

  1. Minnesota Vikings — NFC North Division Winners

Pay Attention to the NFC North Early

Everyone has high expectations for their favorite team prior to Week 1. Hell, I’ve been a Browns fan since they started up the new team, and I still get excited to see them start what will soon turn out to be a painfully obvious failure of a year. Do yourself a favor this year, though, and pay some special attention to what happens in the first couple of weeks in the NFC North. By the time the playoffs roll around, you’ll feel like you’ve watched a good portion of it unfold from the beginning.

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